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Centuries ago, Gods walked among mortals upon the Earth, and all was strife. The Gods’ War shook the very fabric of reality. Humanity lived in fear, with great cities rising and falling at the whims of their uncaring masters. Staring into the face of oblivion — with the very future of the planet hanging in the balance — Fate Themself intervened. 

Fate declared the Gods’ War at an end, and proclaimed that no God would step foot on the Earth freely ever again. Fate established the Agora, a mutual and neutral meeting place, within but apart from the world, to be a gathering place for the Gods. Here, within the Agora, they were to settle their disputes.

But the natural order is far from peaceful...

Within the Agora, the Gods are stripped of their powers and rendered little better than mortals. Here, they connive and politic, making deals, breaking bonds, and fighting a cold war. When tensions between them reach a boil, the Fates draw from their Divine Tarot, and tell the future of any conflict. No matter how long the Gods fight, the Tarot is never wrong — even if it took a millennium, the result would always be as the cards fall...

Or, as happens more often, the Gods fight their petty squabbles among Mortals, influencing Earth through the Mirror. Armies march, politicians denounce, cities are raised, and Miracles warp the world to the whims of the Gods.

Welcome to the Agora (WttA) is an urban fantasy live action roleplaying game about the politicking of Gods, and divine conflict. WttA is currently in Early Access, being playtested in Melbourne, Australia. If you'd like to join the official playtest, email me on ben.a.scerri@gmail.com. Otherwise, feel free to run your own campaigns of Welcome to the Agora, and if you like, send your feedback to the same address.

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorBen "Bee" Scerri, Red World Press
Tagsgods, LARP, poc-made, pocmade, Queer


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