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There was a great calamity. They had need, so they built you to serve. They built you for your partner, perfect and whole. You loved them, and they loved you. They wore you, gave you life, made you move. You protected them, made them strong, made them win.
There was a malfunction. They had need, but you couldn't serve. Your fault killed your partner, broken and alone. You failed them, and you were entombed. They were gone, your life cut short as was theirs. You didn't protect them. You killed them.
Time passed, the calamity came to a close, the tomb was sealed. Everyone was safe.
There was another great calamity. They have need, once more, but lack the resources to start again. They woke you up from your slumber, handed you a new partner, and mobilsed you. They recommissioned you. You begged them not to, terrified by what you might do, what your fault might cause... But they have need, and they built you to serve.

RECOMMISSIONED was created for the Emotional Mecha Jam 2019 (#sadmechjam) hosted by Takuma Okada (@takuma_okada_) and John R. Harness (@cartweel), and was written by Ben Scerri (@Ben_Scerri) of Red World Press.

RECOMMISSIONED is a tabletop roleplaying game for pairs of people — four, six, or eight. It is a GMless game which requires an hour or so to play, and a quiet space for all the players to discuss the rules, play in peace, and then recover after it closes. Give yourself plenty of time to recharge and debrief after you play RECOMMISSIONED, as you might need it

CW: This game deals with themes of death, loss, cancer, suicide, abandonment, lack of consent, and inadequacy. In addition to this is everything the players bring to the table. Make sure you discuss what might come up before you play. Whilst this game is about denied choices, it is imperative that everyone chooses to engage with the game, confident in that knowledge.

Inside you’ll find

  • An emotional game played in pairs,
  • A framework to tell stories of inadequacy, lost ability, and failure,
  • Guidelines to keep you and your fellow players safe throughout.

Game Information

Number of Players: 4 - 8 players Length: 1 - 2 hours Pages: 2


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