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You’re a spellbook. Yep, I know. It’s a whole thing… Bang! What was that?! Goodness, you’re alive! Well, you better go see what the commotion is all about before your Wizard returns home and puts you back to sleep! Maybe, if you do a good enough job, they’ll let you live?

Niches & Nonsense is a series of hacks for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition that arguably should never have been made. They take the rules and written, and make an utter mess of them. But it’s a fun, silly, endearing mess.

The first instalment, Once Upon A Wizard’s Shelf, has the players take control of a bunch of living spellbooks. Together, they must solve randomly generated problems in the infinite Wizard’s tower, and hopefully set enough to rights that their master will let them live when they inevitably return.

Inside you’ll find

  • Rules for playing living spellbooks,
  • New rules for managing spells, sourced from the core books,
  • A new hexcrawling system for exploring the Wizard’s tower,
  • And a randomised problem/quest system, to make playing/running it very quick and easy!

Game Information

Once Upon A Wizard’s Shelf requires the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Player’s Handbook and Monster Manual to play.

Once Upon A Wizard’s Shelf was made with the help of my Patrons at patreon.com/redworldpress! Thanks go to MEGA-HYPER-SUPER COMRADES: Joshua Mackenzie & Meg Haas. COMRADES: Amelia Laughlan & Grant Ellis. INITIATES: DC. NEOPHYTES: Nicholas Carter. 

  Pages: 10


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