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Content Warnings: This is a game about unavoidable death, dying side-by-side with loved ones. Please read it in its entirety before playing.

Your cargoship is dead in space.
Your life-support systems have all failed.
But at least you're not alone...

>>at least you're not alone is a roleplaying game for 3+ players about romance, honesty, togetherness, death, and music. It doesn't require any dice, charactersheets, or props, other than a phone. It can be played in under 15 minutes. It was created for #AdAstraJam.

Within you will find:

  • The original PDF version,
  • A "night mode" PDF version,
  • A "printer friendly" PDF version,
  • A plain text version for screen readers,
  • And an audio book version, read by the incredible William Lett (@wrokandwrol).
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorBen "Bee" Scerri, Red World Press
TagsLARP, Music, poc-made, pocmade, Romance


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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>>at least you're not alone [AUDIO BOOK] 6 MB


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This is a powerful game, but maybe not a fun one.

You are a group of people stranded by a disaster, you are going to die soon, and you may talk privately with each other.

That's the essence of the game. Help does not arrive. You die. You may choose to engage in a short fatal intimacy before then.

It's effective and creative, the layout is strong, and I'd pretty much mummify this thing in warning labels if I had a physical copy of it.

There's mechanics around physical contact and kissing, albeit with costs and restrictions, and the core of the experience is designed to put you in, uh, not a great place emotionally if death is a thing that bothers you.

I think there are groups that this is probably a strong game for, but even if you think yours is, maybe have everyone read it first and then give everyone an extremely telegraphed out, because of its potential to be a Really Bad Time.

That all said, if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, or if you're curious to see just how hard a game can go with a couple pages of text, check this out.

If anything I described above sounds like it would not be fun for you, do not check this out.


Thank you for the thoughts! I have added a content warning to the beginning of the Itch page around death being a major theme, because aye, that is not something I want people to play out without being forewarned. The beginning of the game makes that very clear, but the Itch page could have been more specific.


All good. It's a really cool game, and just reading the mechanics provides an ample dose of forewarning, so I wouldn't say I was worried people might play it without realizing. But that content warning definitely makes it way clearer what to expect.