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The thundering of terrible gods, the howling of the wind through spectral sails, the cries of the Cirein-cròin caught in a net, the guttering of a candle lit below the tides…

After running games for 20 years, a lot of great moments were made through trial and error. Why should those moments only be remembered, only be experienced, by one table?

Menagerie is an irregular zine, collecting together thematic bundles of vigorously tested content compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, intended to be used by GMs and players alike. The first volume—Drowning—focuses on nautical themes, containing 15 pages of content:

  • A new Lawful Neutral God of Navigation, Sea Travel, and the Compass: Rudderless,
  • A whole 3rd-level ghost-ship adventure, focusing on the hubris of a sea captain, desperate for the secrets of immortality: The Bereaved Harridan,
  • Five new monsters, faithfully reimagined from lesser-utilised real-world mythologies: Bakunawa, Charybdis, Cirein-cròin, Mhalla, and Umibozu,
  • And three new and unique magical items, to aid adventurers on the high seas.

Pages: 18, A4


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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