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Liber Etcetera: Rhya's Gifts

The bubbling of a cauldron. The crackling of a hearth fire. The hiss and fizzle of a potion being uncorked. The riotous vomiting of an unfortunate imbiber. Before you, the gifts of Rhya are ready to be reaped. Are you wise enough to mold them to your will?

Liber Etcetera: Rhya's Gifts is an unofficial fan supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition, focusing on Herbalism and Potion Making. Rhya's Gifts allows your Characters to craft potent magical Potions, and gain tangible benefits from travelling far, and hunting terrible monsters — Potion Ingredients!

Liber Etcetera: Rhya's Gifts is also available in French!

Inside you’ll find

  • A comprehensive and evocative list of Potion Ingredients, where and how to find them, and how they can push and pull the Winds of Magic,
  • A robust set of magical Effects for your Potions, putting more utility in the hands of lay Apothecaries, Wizards, and Hedge Witches alike,
  • And a simple system for crafting Potions with just a touch of danger and grimdark dread with the rules of Spoilage!

Supplement Information

Liber Etcetera: Rhya's Gifts requires Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition, property of Games Workshop and Cubicle 7. Pages: 39.


Liber Etcetera — Rhyas Gifts.pdf 8 MB


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Hi Ben, 

This is a very great add-on to the game.

FYI, we are currently tanslating it into French :). During the translation, i had some doubts about the use of recipes between book and the new talent "Potion Recipe" and their relationship to Effects.
Could you bring me more explanation on this ?

Thanks !